​​​A Message from President/Business Manager, Joseph Demark, Jr.

For those members seeking employment in LU 28’s territory, please follow the following instructions:

1. Go to www.referralhall.com and fill out the permit worker application.

  2. Submit

  3. You will contacted by a Contractor for employment

  4. If you accept the job, you are required to contact James Cuiffo, SMW LU 28 Financial Secretary at   (212) 941-7700.

  5. James Cuiffo will verify your LU 25 dues are paid in full and register the contractor you will be working for and the start date.

  6. You will be allowed to be employed for three (3) months and then there will be a required request for an extension for employment in LU 28.

7. You are required to notify Local 28 when you are laid off.

Members, it is mandatory for you to contact your home local and notify upon employment.  Please leave a message for Calvin Brooks, SMWLU 25 Financial Secretary of your employment at (201) 507-0330, Extension 130.

12 Field at Various Sites Available

1750 NY Ave, NW Washington, D.C.. 20006

25 Arch. Panel Installer Positions Available at Local 177!

John W. McDougall, Nashville, TN

3 Welder Positions Available at Local 5!

Apollo Mech., Oak Ridge, TN

6 Field Positions Available at Local 48!

R. F. Knox, Madison, AL

11 Field-Nuclear Maintenance Available at Local 85!

27 Nuclear Positions Available at Local 85!

10 Positions Available In Harrisburg, PA!

2 ARCHITECTURAL FIELD positions available in Huntsville, AL!

32 field and, 20 welding positions available in Madison, AL!

10 positions available at Local 110

Harris Co., Oak Grove, KY