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Local 25 is a member of the New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council (NJCTC), affiliated with the AFL-CIO, and members of the International Association of Sheet Metal Air and Railroad Transportation (SMART). The SMART Union boasts members and locals throughout the U.S. and Canada.

When choosing a Union Contractor, compare apples to apples.


The Sheet Metal Workers employed by Local 25 have completed a comprehensive four-year apprenticeship, including over 900 hours of classroom instruction, in addition to more than 8,000 hours of on-the-job instruction.

Our journeypersons, unlike those from small independent unions or nonunion workers, are trained in virtually every facet of the field, from basic sheet metal techniques to emerging technologies of major importance, like indoor air pollution control and advanced energy management and Green LEED Associate trained.


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Joint Labor Management (JLM) - Contractors, Workers and Union working as partners, JLM is our innovative approach to getting the job done... our Contractors, their employees and the Union working together as true business partners, not adversaries.

In frequent meetings, the JLM partners share fresh ideas, short-circuit potential problems, and open new lines of communications. Hire a Local 25 Contractor and reap the benefits of the team approach of Joint Labor Management.

We know safety is a major concern to you, and it certainly is to us. Our workers have been trained that the only right way is the safe way, whether it’s following OSHA 500 procedures or working within EPA-mandated guidelines – they know because they’ve taken the courses. Many even have the advanced certifications your project may require, such as handling HazMats, CFCs, etc.

While Local 25 professionals may specialize in a specific area (like copper roofing, for example), the cross-discipline education of their workers and the Union’s commitment to ongoing training means that our Contractors will always bring a broad, informed perspective to your project.


Problems can develop on any job; and, if they do, we know that quick resolution is one of your major concerns. Local 25 Contractors are motivated to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Your total satisfaction is not just a goal - it's a commitment and a requirement to building a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.